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Wash Your Mouth Out - Flip Book

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"Are you the kind of person who uses language too colourful for everyday use? Add a splash of fun to your vocabulary and wash your mouth out with this hilarious flip book for repeat-offender potty mouths! With 120 pages full of funny alternative words for everyday use, keep yourself out of trouble with these silly replacements. Split into two, these pages (one with a daily adjective, and the other with an expletive of the day) can be swapped and added together to give you a vast selection of funny words, helping you extend your vocabulary and reduce your swearing habits. This amusing flip book can even stand on your desk, meaning you can change the way your colleagues curse and verbally abuse throughout the day. A brilliant gift for a foul mouthed friend (or even for yourself). Watch your language! Example Pages: Today’s Adjective: Blinking “That’s blinking crazy!” Expletive of the Day: Cheesy Ostrich “You can be such a cheesy ostrich sometimes!”